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Earle Dickson (inventor of Band-Aid)


In 1920, While learning to cook, Earle's new wife, Josephine often cut or burned herself in the kitchen. Luckily Earle worked for Johnson & Johnson, a company that made tape and gauze used by doctors.So, whenever Josephine hurt herself, her loving husband taped gauze to her wound.

Earle treated his wife a number of times, only to have the bandage fall off. He became determined to design a ready-to-use bandage that would stay in place and stay clean. That was the need. Now the imagination comes in. Earle thought it over and had a great idea-he would make tape and gauze strips ahead of time. He stuck gauze pads in the middle of pieces of tape. But it occurred to him that the gauze would not be germ-free if left in the open. And the sticky side of the tape would soon dry up.

Earle decided to try using a material called crinoline (a stiff coarse fabric used to stiffen hats or clothing) to cover the sticky side of the tape. It worked. It was easy to remove.
A person Earle worked with convinced him to show his idea to the bosses at Johnson & Johnson. They liked it. Someone else came up with name for Earle's ingenious product, which was a new aid in bandaging. That is why today these handy strips are called Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages

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