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Leonardo Da Vinci (inventor of parachute and chain link for bicycle)

Leonardo was born in 1452 on his father's country estate near the town of Vinci in Italy. It was there, perhaps, that he learned to observe and copy nature. Like many children, he may have kept lizards, crickets, snakes, butterflies, and grasshoppers as pets.
When Leonardo and his father moved to the city of Florence, Leonardo was sent to the workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio, a well painter and sculptor.

In Verrocchio's workshop, Leonardo learned much of the technology known in his day. Technology means ways of getting work done. A painter had to know how to mix colors, known as pigments, for metalworking because figures were made out of metal. Leonardo was interested in everything, well beyond his art!. He jotted down what he learned from reading. He noted what he learned from the great people around him-popes, rulers, and other artists.

However, Leonardo improved most of the ideas that borrowed until the pictures in his notebooks looked like totally new ideas. In many cases, the pictures look like a vision of a future world-the world we know today. Leonardo's notebooks include a drawing of a person with a parachute. Almost 300 years later, in 1783, a Frenchman name Sebastian Lenormand became the first person to float to earth with a parachute.

His sketches of a "flying machine" came well before any gliders or hot air balloons took to the skies. Recently, a picture of a bicycle was found on the back of a page from one of Leonardo's notebooks.In 1490, Leonardo drew designs of a chain link like that used in modern bicycles. Although the first bicycle appeared in 1839, chain links were not used on bikes until nearly forty years later.

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